Queenie Mini Me Figure

$ 19.53

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Queenie Mini Me Figure

Show pride in the best of British design with this exclusive range of miniature figurines, designed and produced by Nemesis Now. Standing regally in a resplendent white dress, this statuette of Elizabeth I holds a fan in her right hand and a pair of leather gloves in her left. A string of pearls wraps around her voluminous red hair, hanging a single sapphire on her forehead. Her flowing locks obscure her eyes and are topped by a bejewelled crown. This miniature monarch is cast in highest quality resin before being painstakingly hand painted and individually numbered, ensuring each queen is unique. The perfect gift for those who want to commemorate one of England´s greatest queens in their own home. Why not pair with Henry and have the beginnings of your own Tudor dynasty?

  • weight – 400g
  • size- 14cm