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Ab Fab Absolutely Everything – The Definitive Ed DVD

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Ab Fab Absolutely Everything – The Definitive Ed DVD

11 discs of Absolutely Fabulous! Everyone favourite fashionistas – Edina and Patsy, make a glamorous return in this definitive collection of all their hilarious escapades. Through the years they have had their share of highs and lows while never being dangerously sober! Now for the first time ever you can indulge in everything from this award-winning, side-splitting series, including the White Box Christmas Special and Ab Fab at 20 (the three 20th anniversary specials). Collection Includes: o Series 1-5 o The Last Shout o The Gay Special o White Box o Ab Fab at 20 Series 1: Fashion o Fat o France o Iso Tank o Birthday o Magazine Series 2: Hospital o Death o Morocco o New Best Friend o Poor o Birth Series 3: Door Handle o Happy New Year o Sex o Jealous o Fear o The End Series 4: Parralox o Fish Farm o Paris o Donkey o Small Opening o Menopause Series 5: Cleanin' o Book Clubbin' o Panickin' o Huntin', Shootin' & Fishin' o Birthin' o Schmoozin' o Exploitin' o Cold Turkey