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Fame – Season 2 DVD

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Fame – Season 2 DVD

All 23 episodes from the second season of the 1980s television series portraying the lives of a diverse group of talented high school students at New York's School of the Arts. Training hard for careers onstage, the young performers face tough competition and even rejection, along with all of the normal teenage dramas. Episodes are: 'And the Winner Is…', 'Your Own Song', 'Feelings', 'Class Act', 'Teachers', 'Beginnings', 'Solo Song', 'Winners', 'Words', 'Childhood's End', 'Homecoming', 'A Tough Act to Follow', 'Relationships', 'Star Quality', 'Sunshine Again', 'Love Is the Question', 'Blood, Sweat and Circuits…', 'Friendship Day', 'Not in Kansas Anymore', 'The Kids from Fame in Concert', 'Help from My Friends', 'Ending On a High Note' and 'UN Week'.