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In The Loop Blu-ray

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Comedy Films on Blu-ray

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In The Loop Blu-ray

IN THE LOOP finds writer/director Armando Iannucci expanding his critically acclaimed satire THE THICK OF IT for the big screen and features a cast including Peter Capaldi (TORCHWOOD), James Gandolfini (THE SOPRANOS), Tom Hollander (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN), Peter Capaldi (THE THICK OF IT), Steve Coogan (I’M ALAN PARTRIDGE) and former child star Anna Chlumsky (MY GIRL). The foul-mouthed comedy follows the US President and UK Prime Minister as they conspire to start a war and promote is as a ‘good thing’. US General Miller (Gandolfini) disagrees, as does British Secretary of State for International Development, Simon Foster (Hollander). When the mild-mannered minister appears on TV, is quoted out of context and made to look like he endorses the conflict, he suddenly finds his every move under the watchful eye of the PM’s amoral chief of communications (Capaldi). The Brits soon find themselves in Washington and at the centre of what will become an insurmountable ‘mountain of conflict’.