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Morgan – A Suitable Case For Treatment DVD

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Morgan – A Suitable Case For Treatment DVD

In Karel Reisz’s MORGAN: A SUITABLE CASE FOR TREATMENT, the wildly eccentric artist, Morgan, played with lunatic delight by David Warner, is driven over the edge when his ex-wife, Leonie (Vanessa Redgrave), with whom he is still smitten, announces that she plans to remarry. The focus of the film is tilted toward the comedic aspects of Morgan’s exploits, (King Kong is his role model), as he desperately tries to win Leonie back from her posh–and sane–fiance Charles Napier (Robert Stephens). Morgan begins by living in his ex-wife’s car outside her apartment, and things only get stranger from there.
Enter Vanessa Redgrave, in her first major screen appearance, possessing the most wickedly innocent look imaginable. Although she firmly tells Morgan that their relationship is over, because she wants a normal life with Napier, she still engages in passionate sex with him. The other woman in Morgan’s life is his mother (Irene Handl), a Trotskyite who sincerely believes that Morgan should be taking over the country. But even she can see that he has serious mental problems. MORGAN is, overall, a likable comedy about the artist representing the id in all of us. Who among us hasn’t wanted to put on a gorilla suit and run amok