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Ask The Dust DVD

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Ask The Dust DVD

Arturo Bandini (Colin Farrell, MIAMI VICE) is a down-and-out writer in 1930s Los Angeles who dreams of making it big. He begins a relationship with Camilla Lopez (Salma Hayek, TIMECODE), a waitress who also wants to rise above her station. Of Italian origin, Arturo decides to move to Los Angeles to write his first novel and to escape his roots. With little money, he moves into a shabby guest house populated by a number of eccentric characters and develops writer’s block. Arturo meets fiery Mexican waitress Camilla in a cafe and the two soon trade insults. An intense courtship develops despite Arturo wanting a relationship with a blue eyed, blonde woman and Camilla wanting a relationship with a rich white American man. Arturo and Camilla seek to overcome the shame they feel over their ethnicity and forge a strong relationship. Written for the screen and directed by Robert Towne–the Oscar winning writer of CHINATOWN–ASK THE DUST is a sumptuous period piece that shows Depression-era Los Angeles as a grand and lonely place. The tale of passion and prejudice greatly benefits from the sizzling chemistry between Farrell and Hayek and ASK THE DUST is a stunningly shot film.