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TP-Link IEEE 802.3af PoE splitter

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TP-Link IEEE 802.3af PoE splitter

Part number: 69030
Manufacturer product ID: TL-POE10R
EAN Code: EAN6935364030490
Box quantity: 30*
Sub-category: Accessories
Manufacturer: TP-LINK
Weight (Kg): 0.33
Warranty period: 36 Months

TP-Link PoE Splitter

What This Product Does

The PoE Splitter TL-POE10R fully complies with IEEE 802.3af standard, and can work with all IEEE 802.3af PoE compliant PSE (Power Source Equipment) or PoE Supplier Adapter, such as TP-LINK's TL-SF1008P or TL-POE150S, or other equivalent product, to deliver 12V, 9V or 5V Direct Current to where there are no power line or outlet, where you wish to fix device such as AP, IP Camera or IP Phone, etc.         


  • IEEE 802.3af compliant
  • Delivers power up to 100 meters
  • Gigabit speed support
  • Optional 12V DC 9V DC or 5V DC power supply
  • Plug-and-Play, requires no configuration