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Hama FireWire Cable IEEE1394a 4 pin Plug 6 pin Plug 4.5 m

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Data Transfer Cables

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Hama FireWire Cable IEEE1394a 4 pin Plug 6 pin Plug 4.5 m

Set Your World on Fire

Firewire, otherwise known as i.LINK (Sony), is the digital video interface on a computer. Hama’s 4pin-4pin version will let you experience faster data transfer between external devices and your computer than you have ever seen before, meeting IEEE 1394 serial bus interface standards for high-speed communication.

Supersonic Data Transfer

With most digital camcorders (except some premium models) possessing a 1394 interface and a number of computers (particularly Sony and Apple models) having an in-built firewire connection port, firewires are commonly used to effectively transfer films onto a computer at a breakneck speed of up to 400Mbit/s. However, this Hama firewire is also fully compatible with other external devices with a 4-pin port, such as VCRs to provide a range of super fast data transfer applications.

Quality You Can Trust

With Hama you are guaranteed outstanding quality with all data lines being twisted, double shielded and with gold plated connectors for optimum velocity data transference with no data loss or radio and electromagnetic interference that can otherwise cause deterioration in data quality. The wire is even a generous 4.5m in length to allow plenty of freedom of movement for easy connection to devices positioned further away.