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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers Game Wii

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers Game Wii

His body imbued with the power of crystals. He controls magic beyond our knowledge. He possesses abilities greater than ours and powers that can cause us grievous harm. Is he a savior, or is he damned…? He is…a crystal bearer.

  • BE THE CRYSTAL BEARER – Become Layle and push his crystal bearer skills to the max, as he and his companions discover the truth about their mysterious adversary.
  • LEAP, HURL AND SMASH YOUR WAY TO VICTORY – Enjoy exhilarating, real-time combat using intuitive, action-based manipulation of weapons, enemies – and even Layle himself.
  • ENJOY CUTTING-EDGE GRAPHICS AND AUDIO – Blistering 3D visuals push the Wii hardware to the limit, and an emotive orchestral score brings the game’s world irresistibly to life.
  • IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE LEGEND – Lose yourself in the epic story and its cast of unforgettable characters, set in a vast and breathtaking fantasy world.
  • EXPLORE THE WORLD, DISCOVER NEW ABILITIES – The open-world design means that you’re free to explore however you wish, while the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls encourage all kinds of playing styles and tactics.