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Kitchen Devils Rollsharp Sharpener

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Utensils & Food Prep

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Kitchen Devils Rollsharp Sharpener

The Kitchen Devils Lifestyle rollsharp sharpener a great addition to the kitchen for any home cook. Designed to restore the edge of any plain knife, the rollsharp sharpener features a ceramic wheel enclosed in hard plastic, and makes sharpening easy and safe. The handle has a safety hand guard and there is a blade guide slot built into the utensil.

Kitchen Devils manufactures high-quality and innovative kitchenware for everyday use. The Lifestyle range from Kitchen Devils includes a variety of knives, with serrated, scalloped and hollow-ground blades, along with other high-quality kitchen utensils and offers great value for money. The handles of all utensils are well-balanced and feature a secure, safe grip, while the blades are super sharp and made from stainless steel for long-lasting sharpness. All Kitchen Devils Lifestyle products are dishwasher-safe and are covered by a Kitchen Devil 10-year guarantee.