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KitchenCraft Magnetic Bag Clips 7 Piece

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Utensils & Food Prep

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KitchenCraft Magnetic Bag Clips 7 Piece

Add a splash of colour to your day by displaying memos and sealing up bags with these multi-use, rainbow-coloured magnetic clips

Is colour coding totally your thing? Snap up these clips! Use the different shades to organise your notes, fridge, freezer or cupboards

They’re magnetic too, so you can jazz up the front of your fridge, radiators, memo boards, whiteboards and metal picture frames

Seal up half-used freezer bags of chips and peas or keep the crunch in snackable crisps and biscuits by clamping the top with a clip

You get 7 clips in the set, made of high-quality plastic, with non-slip grips for easy opening. 12 month guarantee