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Bone Music : The Legend of Genghis Khan

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Bone Music : The Legend of Genghis Khan

This thrilling historical novel is aimed at the very top age of YA readers, since it includes violence and sex as is a natural consequence of the subject matter. It is Mongolia in the 12th century. Spirits walk under the blood moon., Guided by a prophecy that says the wolf will lie with the deer, a boy rides across the steppe seeking a bride to create a new nation. He is Temujin, eldest son of Yesugei the Brave, the leader of the Mongol Alliance. She is Borta the Beautiful, deer-whisperer and princess of her clan., They are betrothed with the blessing of a shaman, but a stone flying out of the trees at the ceremony hints of trouble ahead. When Temujin’s father is poisoned by a rival tribe on his way home, and an ambitious chief seizes control of the leaderless Alliance, their marriage seems doomed. Temujin and his family flee into exile on Holy Mountain, where they are joined by the orphaned Jamukha., The two boys become blood brothers, creating a spiritual bond between them that will tear the steppe apart as they fight for leadership of the Mongol clans and for Borta’s love. Based on the 13th century text The Secret History of the Mongols, Bone Music explores the spiritual aspect of Genghis Khan’s rise to power in three sections, each from the point of view of one of the main characters.