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Death Silences Everyone

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Death Silences Everyone

Brad Foley was once a deputy sheriff but that was taken away from him. He lost his job, his badge, his home and his reason for living. Now working his way out of his own personal hell he takes what work he can get, such as finding out who the dead girl in the morgue really is., To the police she’s a ‘Jane Doe’, just another prostitute killing. But she could be from one of the San Francisco pioneering families. When the trail leads from an alley south of Market Street up to the California governor’s mansion and then north to Mendocino County where he once wore a deputy sheriff’s badge, Foley doesn’t hesitate., Murder, politics, drugs and the big city escort business are all part of what Foley is facing. A former cop with failure in his background he finds himself caught up in a situation almost beyond his abilities.