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Prevent and Cure Diabetes : Delicious Diets, Not Dangerous Drugs

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Prevent and Cure Diabetes : Delicious Diets, Not Dangerous Drugs

Diabetes type 2 – which results from insensitivity to insulin – and its precursor, metabolic syndrome, are reaching epidemic proportions yet if the root causes can be addressed the condition can be both prevented and reversed. Diabetes type 1 (autoimmune – arising from insufficient insulin) is caused by other factors (primary risk factors are dairy products, vitamin D deficiency and vaccines) but is also more prevalent today than ever before. Dr Myhill has long experience of helping her patients overcome diabetes and related problems of uncontrolled blood sugar and low energy; this informs her account of how and why burning fat rather than carbs is healthier, more natural and more efficient, and how the necessary ‘metabolic flexibility’ can be achieved., With the support of her co-author Craig Robinson, she also addresses the many other risk factors for diabetes, including environmental toxins, drugs (prescribed, over-the-counter and illegal), medical conditions and poor lifestyle choices, and how the multiple health problems that follow from poorly controlled blood sugar levels can be avoided.