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Soon by Morris Gleitzman (Paperback, 2015)

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Soon by Morris Gleitzman (Paperback, 2015)

The Second World War has officially ended, but the streets are still a battleground – for food, for shelter, for protection . . ., Felix is in hiding to stay safe, but finds he has been left holding the baby – literally. An orphaned infant has been left in his care and he will do everything he can to protect the child, in the way a few incredible people did for him during the Holocaust. This powerfully moving addition to Morris Gleitzman's bestselling series about Felix and Zelda takes place in 1945, following the story told in After., This intensely affecting story will move readers of all ages. It will be welcomed by the many Holocaust educators who use Once, Now, Then and After to teach upper primary and lower secondary children and embraced by any reader who loves passionate, moving and brilliant stories.