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Takasugi-San's Obento Volume 2

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Takasugi-San's Obento Volume 2

Harumi Takasugi is 31 years old, single, and can seem to find a permanent job. But when his cousin Kururi mother dies in an unfortunate accident, it suddenly up to him to take care of the orphaned 12-year-old even though he didn even know she existed! Kururi is an odd child, antisocial and stubborn, but she used to love the bento boxes that her mother made her. In an attempt to overcome the difficulties between them and live up to being a good guardian, Harumi takes up cooking. Even though he isn very good at it at first, his heart is in the right place, and the two begin their new life together as an odd little family in this installment of Nozomi Yanahara heartfelt, slice-of-life series.