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The Silver Pigs : (Falco 1)

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The Silver Pigs : (Falco 1)

Discover one of the world’s favourite detectives, as his first case leads him into conspiracy, murder and adventure … In 1989 THE SILVER PIGS introduced the world to laid-back first-century detective Marcus Didius Falco, his partner Helena Justina, his law and order pal Petronius, and his indomitable Mother – who became some of the most celebrated characters in historical fiction. Now reissued in a special new edition to celebrate publication of Falco’s twentieth investigation, THE SILVER PIGS sees Falco cynically eyeing up the new Roman emperor, Vespasian., Our hero, a private informer, rescues a young girl in trouble and is catapulted into a dangerous game involving stolen imperial ingots, a dark political plot and, most hazardous of all, a senator’s daughter connected to the traitors Falco has sworn to expose …