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Ricky Eat Acid – Three Love Songs Vinyl

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Ricky Eat Acid – Three Love Songs Vinyl


A1 There Is Only You In The Light & Nothing Else 0:44

A2 Driving Alone Past Roadwork At Night 2:35

A3 Inside My House; Some Place I Keep Dreaming About 2:06

A4 Big Man’s Last Trip Outside 2:27

A5 In Rural Virginia; Watching Glowing Lights Crawl From The Dark Corners Of The Room 7:10

A6 Inside Your House; It Will Swallow Us Too 2:55

A7 It Will Draw Me Over To It Like It Always Does 3:26

B1 In My Dreams We’re Almost Touching 5:28

B2 God Puts Us All In The Swimming Pool 3:34

B3 Outside Your House; The Lights Went Out And There Was Nothing 6:59

B4 I Can Hear The Heart Breaking As One 5:05

B5 Starting Over 1:53