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Old Man's Journey Soundtrack Vinyl

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Old Man's Journey Soundtrack Vinyl

With Old Man’s Journey, composer SCNTFC achieves something almost magically emotional. The game’s narrative is derived from the memories of the hero character – the old man – but the powerful, whimsical and genuine score, through its own aural journey, dares to meet the daunting task of applying to your very own memories. It’s a universally adaptive sentiment, accomplished with prestige by the SCNTFC, just as he did with the paranormally poignant OXENFREE. Artist Arno Kiss took that idea of memory and ran with it, crafting a package that mimics a nautical captain’s book, elegantly cloth-wrapped, a poignant artifact from the old man’s life. 

  • 2 x 10” LP Set
  • Elegant Cloth-Wrapped Jacket
  • Includes 4 Scenic Postcards
  • Music by SCNTFC
  • Album Art by Arno Kiss
  • Limited Edition of 1,000

Side A

The Beginning

Top Of The Town

Into The Water

Side B


Carry Me Far


The Island

Side C

Two Towers, Stonewall, The Bridge

Side D

The Falls (I & II)

The Last Step

The End