Phanteks Eclipse P400A Metal Mesh Front-Panel – Black

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Phanteks Eclipse P400A Metal Mesh Front-Panel – Black

PHANTEKS’ Eclipse P400A Midi-Tower represents a stylish yet purposeful addition to the front of the case. This takes the form of a premium, super durable metal panel complete with a fine mesh, which on the one hand provides excellent airflow and on the other also helps keep dust out of the case. This metal mesh front panel for the Eclipse P400A is designed as a replacement panel, for example in instances where damage has occurred. Since the case and the replacement panel comes in white and in black, this does also offer users the chance to switch things up on the colour front and create your own combinations.

The Metal Mesh Front Panel is first and foremost designed for use on the Eclipse P400A, it can however also be used on the Eclipse P400 to help provide improved airflow. What needs to be taken into account here however, is that the replacement front panel cannot be centred precisely in the middle on the Eclipse P400 (See Images).

Technical Details:

Dimensions: 210 x 453 x 44 mm (W x H x D)

Material: Metal

Colour: Black


PHANTEKS Eclipse P400A

PHANTEKS Eclipse P400 (not 100% exact fit!)

PHANTEKS Eclipse P400S (not 100% exact fit!)