XSPC Radiator Fan Screw 6-32 30mm (16PCS, BAG)

$ 7.95

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XSPC Radiator Fan Screw 6-32 30mm (16PCS/BAG)

16 piece bag of 6-32, 30mm screws for attaching fans to XSPC radiators. The XSPC Radiator Fan Screws are the perfect solution to attach your custom-made parts, radiator grills, acrylic windows, and anything else you may want to add. These are a great solution for mounting extra fans to radiators. 

All radiator fans vary in thickness and cases also vary in having a flush or recessed screw holes. The XSPC Radiator Fan Screws 6-32 are the standard size that is commonly found in other PC’s.

Product Features:

  • Contains 16 x 30mm radiator fan screws for connecting fans to your radiator.
  • Compatible with XSPC Radiators and other radiators too. Please check compatibility below before purchasing. 
  • Screws have the preferred positive screw heads.
  • High-quality screws.
  • Colour: Black.
  • Ideal for push/ pull setups as bag includes 16 screws.
  • Includes more than the average amount of radiator fan screws provided by most radiator manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions;

Q. Can I use these screws on a Corsair H110i GT?

Yes, these work with this model and work to add additional fans for a push/ pull configuration.

Q. Would the XSPC screws fit to add extra fans to a Cooler Master ML240L?

The XSPC radiator fan screws will fit this model, they are designed to go through the fan and screw into the radiator.

Q. How many of the XSPC Radiator Screws do you get per bag?

There are 16 radiator screws in each bag, more than the average amount provided by many radiator manufacturers. 

Q. Will these fit my Alphacool Radiator?

No, these screws will not fit into this model radiator as the screws are a different size to what are needed. 

Q. Can I use the XSPC radiator screws on a Thermaltake CL radiator?

The XSPC screws will not fit Thermaltake CL-Series radiators but it may fit to some of the other models of Thermalmake. This is because the holes on the radiators are too small for these screws to fit. Thermaltake are more likely to take M3x30mm screws.

Q. Are they long enough to fit a gasket in between the fan and radiator?

As the screws are 30mm long, in order to add a gasket between the radiator and fan you will need to purchase longer screws. 

Compatibility List; (Compatibility may vary with different models, please check before purchasing).

  • XSPC Models
  • Corsair (Different series may vary in compatibility)
  • Corsair H55
  • Corsair H100i
  • Corsair H90
  • NZXT
  • EVGA
  • DeepCool
  • Kraken X61
  • 980Ti Hybrid Rad
  • AIO CPU Cooler.


It is very important to check the compatibility to your PC as using the wrong sized screws, can result in damage to your PC model and puncturing the radiator if the correct sized radiator screws are not used. 

The XSPC Radiator Fan Screws should only be used in combination with a 25mm fan, as these screws are too long for the installation of slim fans, this would cause damage to your radiator and is not covered under any warranty.